Ecommerce Dubai: How to Do Ecommerce Marketing

Here are some things you should definitely be doing for your ecommerce Dubai marketing:

Content Marketing

Content advertising is the way toward delivering blog articles, recordings, photographs, infographics, or some other type of ‘content’ that interests to your intended interest group, with the point of drawing in guests to your site. Need help with ecommerce? Creative 971 are the experts you need to contact for creating awesome ecommerce sites in the UAE and GCC.

How it functions

Envision you offer purses. It’s coming up to the Christmas season, so you compose a blog entry titled ‘The ideal outfit for the workplace Christmas party’.

In the article you list a dress, coat, shoes and, essentially, one of your own totes. You incorporate great photographs of the considerable number of items you say and guarantee you connect to the item page where perusers can purchase your purse.

So how does this pull in movement? This is your optimal situation: a design cognizant lady is searching for motivation on what to wear to her office party. She swings to Google and looks for ‘christmas party equip’ – and up pops your article.

She taps on the article and likes what she sees, so she navigates to your purse item page and after that begins perusing your shop. Bingo!

Ensure you measure

Once you have your technique arranged and you’re frequently delivering content, the following thing to do is measure how well it’s functioning.

Every month you should take a gander at what articles created the most activity to your site, and which of those prompted the most deals.

Utilize an instrument like Google Analytics for this.


No money related cost here – the fundamental cost to content advertising is that it requires a great deal of investment. To assemble a successful library of substance, you’ll have to put a great deal of exertion into both procedure and generation.


Mailing List

Email showcasing is the most effective apparatus in your advertising weapons store. In case you’re not utilizing it successfully, you’re passing up a major opportunity for deals.

Building your mailing list

On the off chance that you have a guest on your site and they don’t purchase from you, the following best thing is to catch their email address.

A standout amongst other approaches to do that is to utilize a crate with a join shape, in a perfect world offering something in return for the guest’s email address. e.g. ‘Join and get 10% off your next request’

Another great strategy is to consolidate a join field toward the finish of your blog entries. The thought is that, in the event that they delighted in understanding one of your posts, they’ll likely appreciate the other substance you may send them.

You should likewise offer clients the opportunity to join your mailing list as a feature of the checkout procedure. Want a team to help you with your ecommerce marketing, design, and development? Visit Creative 971 in Dubai to see some of the past works they have done using the Shopify platform.

Utilizing your mailing list

Once you’ve manufactured your rundown, it’s an ideal opportunity to begin utilizing it.

Much the same as your substance showcasing system, it’s essential to have an arrangement for email advertising. Indeed, it ought to just be an augmentation of your substance methodology.

Make a rundown of thoughts for promoting messages, and refresh it every now and again. You ought to go for one email seven days, so you’ll require a lot of thoughts! Here are a couple:

Advance new or up and coming items

Offer rebates or advance deals

Convey important articles from your blog

Stir up item and non-item content so it doesn’t feel excessively salesy

Take motivation from other brands’ mailing records – especially those you subscribe to and read. What makes their substance intriguing and applicable to you?

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